My Hope: Not Only for Churches and Homes

Many of the My Hope events have taken place in homes or church buildings, but some groups and individuals across the country have been creative with the way they share the Gospel.

One group of people invited their friends to a Mexican restaurant as the video was played for patrons and invited guests. Others brought the program to local prisons. One woman even took a My Hope DVD on vacation with her—she showed it in a conference room on her cruise ship and invited staff and other cruisers.

Likewise, one community in McMinnville, Ore., went outside of the box when it came to sharing the Gospel with their teens. The Evergreen Aviation Museum hosted a high school outreach using the “Defining Moments” video, one of three featured My Hope programs.

Local students invited their friends to come to the special event in the IMAX theatre at the museum. Around 100 teens attended; 11 gave their lives to Christ that night.

“What I saw tonight was amazing. It warms my heart to see young men and young women fulfill the mission to make disciples,” said Joe Miglioretto, one of the coordinators. “As the students came forward and responded, I had chills going up my spine. I’m just thankful for this harvest.”

One of the students who made a decision was overcome with emotion as she gave her testimony from the night: “For any other kids out there that feel lost or don’t know what to do, this is the best decision I have ever made. God’s always there for you, and He always will be.”

For Miglioretto, it’s changed lives like this young woman’s—and the simplicity—that sold him on My Hope.

“The simplicity of this project is very similar to the simplicity of how Billy Graham presents the Gospel,” he said. “And the simplicity of the project is just to invite. Once we invite, we have the tool. And God just takes over that that point.”