How to Simply Share Jesus

My Hope combines the impact of video programs with the power of personal relationships. Christians can share the Gospel message with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors using one of several evangelistic video programs featuring life-changing testimonies and powerful messages from Billy Graham.


It Begins & Ends With Prayer

Billy Graham once said, “We must repent of our prayerlessness and make prayer our priority.” Begin to pray that people will find hope in Jesus and be saved. Create a Prayer List of friends and loved ones who need to know Jesus Christ and pray daily for them.

What Others are Saying …

  • “I’ve used the My Hope videos several times. I’ve seen it make a huge impact on people that you’d never expect. It does the work for me.”

    —Kevin Robertson, McMinville, Oregon

  • “Billy Graham is doing what he’s always done: pointing people to Christ. We want to do the same thing in our city.”

    —Tracy Ford, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “For so many, this was the opportunity of a lifetime to hear about Jesus. We’re thankful for all God has done..”

    —Sharon Nelson, Whitesboro, Texas

  • “We, like other churches, have suffered a decline (in membership) over the past several years. … I think this is an awesome tool that God has provided to help us.”

    —Roxanne Wynn, Asheville, North Carolina

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