Rescue Missions and Rehabilitation Centers

“He has RESCUED us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son He loves.” —Col. 1:13 (NASB)

You can use My Hope to share the Gospel in your community. Follow the steps on the Get Started page, download Printable Materials, and plan to show a My Hope Film to reach as many people as possible. Show a program after a meal, in small groups, when someone checks in at the facility, or in any way to bring people together to hear the Gospel.

Rescue Mission

My Hope Stories from Rescue Missions and Rehabilitation Centers

These are just a few stories from the many rescue missions and rehab centers that have used My Hope.

Nine Teen Challenge Centers in Southern California all participated in My Hope on the same day at the same time on a Saturday in November, 2014. As a result, 550 family members attended the Family Day and 97 first time and recommitment decisions were made. A grandfather of a client, two brothers of a client, a sister of a client, all made first time decisions to follow Christ on that day. One of nine centers that participated on that day had four people make first time decisions and two rededications, and they attended church the very next day.

A leader with a rescue mission in Iowa showed Heaven during their normal chapel service the day before Thanksgiving. After the film went off the leader gave an invitation and eight men came forward to receive Christ for the very first time. The mission hasn’t seen that many come forward at one time during a chapel service since the leader’s been at the mission and he’s seen a change in those who made a decision ever since. The leader stated “through your DVDs, we’ve been able to reach these guys.”

At a My Hope event at Memphis Union Mission, more than 300 people heard the Gospel, resulting in 29 salvation decisions. An additional 20 people rededicated their lives to Christ. Since the event, the pastors on staff have continued to show several of the My Hope videos from time to time, as they regularly see new faces coming to the mission.

The Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska, is a homeless shelter that’s part of The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. On Nov. 7, 2013, the Mission hosted a My Hope gathering for about 130 people who squeezed into the chapel together. That night, 18 individuals accepted Christ for the first time and 17 others rededicated their lives to Jesus.