Small Group Showings

In a small group setting, evangelistic programs produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) provide a context where the Gospel is presented in a creative and culturally appropriate way.


  • The Workplace Model – Some businesses allow Christians to use lunch and off-hour times to show the My Hope films to co-workers.
  • The Church Ministry Model – Within each church are a number of small group ministries that utilize the My Hope films. They include:
    • Youth/College/Singles ministry
    • Women’s/Men’s ministry
    • Jail/Prison ministry
    • Small group ministry
    • Children’s outreach ministry (AWANA, Kingdom Kids, CEF, etc.)
  • The School Model – Students have used the My Hope films on high school and college campuses to present the Gospel to small groups of their peers.
  • The Home Model – Christians open their homes to unsaved friends and relatives to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The My Hope short films are a springboard for hosts to share their story of faith in Christ and to invite their guests to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior.

Preparations & Procedure

  1. Pray for the people you intend to invite to the film showing. Consider unsaved neighbors, friends, colleagues, and relatives. Continue to pray leading up to the showing of the film.
  2. Prepare your story of faith in Christ. Be ready to share your story in less than five minutes.
  3. 10 days prior to the showing, invite guests to attend with a phone call and follow up through email, text, or social media.
    • The invitation should include time, place, name of program, and a brief description of others attending that the guest knows.
    • The small group showing is more effective when each person has relationships with others in attendance. For instance, if both your friends and family members attend, it is helpful if they know each other.
  4. Two days prior to the showing, remind your guest(s) by phone or social media about the event and ask for a confirmation.
  5. Prepare the viewing environment:
    • Choose a good location for the video monitor.
    • Seating arrangement should allow each person a good view of the screen.
    • Preview the DVD playback, checking for picture quality and sound volume.
      • Play the entire film, checking for unintended errors on the DVD that will interrupt the presentation.
      • Remember the room may be full, so more volume may be needed after
        guests arrive.
      • Position materials you intend to hand out so they are accessible.
  6. As guests arrive, consider providing them with a light snack and drink to stimulate conversation.
  7. At an appropriate time, briefly introduce the film you will show to your guests and mention that you would like to discuss the content after the film.
  8. During the film, silently pray for each of your guests, inviting the Lord Jesus to work in their lives and bring conviction and faith to their hearts.
  9. When the film is over, briefly explain your story of faith in Christ (maximum 5 minutes).
  10. Ask your guests if they have questions about the film. For example:
    • Have you ever known people like the ones whose stories we heard?
    • Have you ever had some of those same questions/feelings about God?
    • Did Billy Graham’s explanation of the Gospel answer any of your questions, or did it open up more questions for you?
    • When you are in difficult times like these people were, where do you turn?
    • Additional questions (Add your own conversation starters):
  11. At the appropriate time, invite your guests to pray with you a prayer of salvation.
    • A sample prayer to use is: “Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. In Your Name, amen.”
    • Additionally, pray for needs they have expressed in the conversation. Some people first pray for the expressed needs and then invite guests to pray to receive Christ.
  12. After the closing prayer, invite your guests to have refreshments. Continue to follow up with those who show interest or have made decisions for Christ, inviting them to a Bible study or a church service in the coming week.
  13. Distribute discipleship materials as appropriate to those who will attend a Bible study.
  14. Thank God for the work He has done in your small group gathering and ask Him for guidance in how to proceed with your guests in effective follow-up and friendship.